Traditional Awning

Traditional Fixed Frame Awnings

Good design is good for business, and American Canvas & Awning brings many years of design experience. This entrance awning draws the eye to the doorway in the center of a long row of store windows by using a lighter color and slight projection. The graphics glow at night with lights from behind.

Storefront Awnings Are Our Specialty

Traditional Awning in San Francisco, CAThe Tower Market canopy was renovated with a new, stiffer sub frame and new awning fabric that glows at night from store lights. The awning has a main curve and corner, a curved top section, and a projecting entrance cover, all built within existing permits. There is a mesh ceiling panel that gives a clean finished look to the bottom.

Translucent vinyl was fabric welded using the customer's graphics, then the canvas was cut out behind, so the name glows white and the logo glows red.

A white mesh ceiling panel from the front of the awning to the top edge of the store window opened the view from within, giving the store a more modern and open feeling. The ceiling panel conceals lighting fixtures designed to illuminate the awning and sidewalk. It provides a finished look from the sidewalk and conceals the repaired frame and the new, stiffer sub frame that gives equal support to both the top and main bows and the long curve around the corner of the building.

Lunardi’s Market, San Bruno

Traditional Awning Lunardi’s Market, San BrunoLunardi’s Market in San Bruno remained open during a major renovation. We provided a walkway and easy customer access and worked on one awning at a time, keeping the other areas clear.

When the classic Safeway facade was removed, we measured all the vertical support columns and designed the lower mounts of the awnings to attach directly to the building’s vertical support structure. This provides a secure awning to withstand the heavy afternoon winds.

Andronico's Market, Berkeley

Traditional Awning Andronico's Market, BerkeleyThe awnings for Andronico's Market in Berkeley were designed to echo the traditional awnings in the neighborhood while expressing Andronico's strong design style.

American Canvas worked closely with the store designers, creating an open sided fixed awning with a light and airy effect, balanced with larger 1.5 inch tubes on the support frames. The concept drawings provided for the city helped speed the approval process.

Calzone's: Custom Design Biscuit Arch Awnings

The owner of Calzone's returned from Europe with a sketch of a plaza cafe awning. American Canvas designed new awnings with a classical European design.

The sidewalk table area can be used in any weather because gas heaters installed below the awning provide cozy warmth in a chilly San Francisco July.

The awning fabric is a light fire-resistant material to filter the sunlight in daytime, and to reflect the lights from the restaurant at night.

The valance is double-layered with light horizontal stripes and gold leaf lettering against a black background for a striking visual effect.