Covers for COVID-19 Changes

Shade Structures for Curbside Pickup and Outside Seating

Is your business providing curbside pickup or outside service?  If so, a shade structure will help to protect your customers and employees from the elements as well as beautify your outdoor space.

As with all of our jobs, we can customize a design that works perfectly for your space and that highlights your business’s branding. And we can provide affordable options as we understand that you’re watching your budget in these times as well. 

Since outside spaces are safer than inside your business, creating a beautiful and inviting outside space will help to attract new customers so that your revenue can get back to normal as quickly as possible. And since the pandemic is not going away tomorrow, it makes sense to invest in beautifying any changes you had to make due to social distancing and other requirements. 

If your outside seating has extended into the street, we can provide portable options that can be repositioned daily. 

Divider Screens

We are also providing divider screens for outdoor seating. Besides being a screen for wind protection, the dividers are walls or barriers between tables. As barriers they allow more tables in your outdoor area. We can do them in different materials such as solid material for maximum protection, mesh materials that you can see through, or solid material border around a clear plastic window for maximum view.

We’d love to discuss the options you have to create an attractive, protective, and healthy space for our new way of working.  Give us a call or email us so we can provide a complimentary estimate for your business.